SQU all set to receive new undergraduates

MUSCAT: Sultan Qaboos University is all set to receive the 32nd batch of undergraduate students for the academic year 2017-2018. The university will receive through the Higher Education Admission Center 3,000 students who will be enrolled for more than 60 programmes offered by the nine colleges at SQU.
Dr Hussain bin Ali Al Kharousi, Dean of Admissions & Registration at the University, said that their unit is ready to receive new students in coordination with the various units of the university. He said that the College of Arts and Social Sciences will receive 450 students, 283 females and 167 males.
The College of Education will receive 400 students, 202 females and 198 males. The College of Law will receive 220 students, 105 females and 115 males. The College of Economics and Political Science will enroll 475 students of which 237 are females and 248 males.
The College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences will receive 275, 137 females and 138 males. The College of Medicine and Health Sciences will receive 155 students, 78 females and 77 males.
The College of Science will receive 450 students, 236 females and 214 males. The College of Nursing will receive 100 students, 73 females and 27 males. The College of Engineering will receive 450 students, 90 females and 360 males.
15 students with special needs will be admitted in the colleges of Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Science, and Economics & Political Science. The total number of students is expected to increase after receiving students from the GCC countries and brotherly and friendly countries, as well as the students with diploma.
The Dean said that the university annually provides four seats for the students of each GCC country, one for the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and 15 seats for the students of brotherly and friendly countries within the Omani Cultural Program for all colleges of the university except the College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Competing for these seats will be according to the admission requirements for each course. Further, SQU is expected to receive 135 students within the programme of educational qualification diploma for the academic year 2017-2018.
The process of completing admission procedures at the university is expected to start through the new acceptance station (Milad) during the second week of August, where students can access the website through www.squ.edu.om/meelad and fill up the application electronically without physically being present at the university. The student will then receive the university enrollment number in addition to the user name and password to take advantages of the electronic services at the university.
The housing will be automatically installed in the system for the female students who are eligible for university accommodation, and they will be notified of the unit and the room through the default station after completion of the admission procedures electronically.
As for the disciplines of art education, physical education and music and musical sciences, Dr Kharousi added, that special committees have been set up to test the abilities of students in coordination with the specialists in the College of Education and the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Deanship of Admissions and Registration in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Center for Preparatory Studies has completed the necessary preparations to receive the new batch.
The induction programme will begin on August 20, which aims to connect the new students with the university community by introducing them to the university colleges and their support units. Students will be introduced to the foundation programme, undergraduate and university programmes, academic information in terms of electronic registration of courses, the credit hours’ system, inter-university transfer system, behavioral discipline rules and other information on academic guidance. Moreover, English, Mathematics and Information Technology tests will be done. The autumn semester will begin on September 10.