SQU research addresses nursing workforce and patient care

MUSCAT: Lack of reliable quality measures for patient care and nursing workforce hinders prioritisation of improvement goals and selection of developmental strategies.
Keeping this in mind five researchers from the College of Nursing at SQU conducted a research to explore the feasibility of a future large-scale research project to establish baseline measures of nursing workforce and quality of patient care in the Sultanate of Oman.
The project was done through systematic surveys of patients and nurses in order to gain knowledge for policymaking and strategy development on national level.
This project was conducted in two phases — assessment of quality of care from patients’ perspective, and assessment of quality of care as well as factors influencing it from nurses’ perspective.
In the first phase, the researchers sought to assess quality of care from patients’ perspective. To achieve that, they developed and validated an Arabic version of the Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care Quality Questionnaire and explored patient satisfaction with nursing care across hospital units.
They used a descriptive, methodological research design and a convenience sampling technique.
The team recruited 292 adult patients who were hospitalised for more than 48 hours.
In phase two, they examined various hospital working conditions and how they are related to selected nurse job outcomes and quality of patient care.
They used a descriptive, cross-sectional design and a convenience sampling technique and we recruited 266 nurses from different units of the target hospital. Results of this project have been analysed and will be published soon.
In Oman, this is the first research project that emphasises nursing workforce and quality of patient care from both patient and nurse perspectives.
Findings of this research project will be utilised to keep stakeholders abreast of quality of patient care and nursing workforce in the Sultanate in order to improve policy making and strategy development.
This research project will also highlight areas in which more resource allocation is required to create healthy work environments in which nurses can provide high quality and safe healthcare services.
Further, the gained knowledge from this study will serve as infrastructure and baseline data for future large projects and initiatives on quality of patient care, nursing workforce, nurse working conditions, and magnet hospitals. The research team consisted of Alaa al Bashayreh, Omar al Rawajfah, Huda al Awishi, Suja Karkada and Sulaiman al Sabei.