SQU organises first aid workshop

MUSCAT: The occurrences of sudden injuries and unsafe incidents in schools across Oman led the Risk Management Office at the Sultan Qaboos University through the Department of Maternal and Child Health, College of Nursing, to organise a First Aid Workshop for School Children recently.
The event was titled ‘Creating Safety Superheroes’ and was opened by Dr Salim al Harthi, Director, Risk Management Office, and Dr Omar al Rawajfah, Dean, College of Nursing, SQU.
The beneficiaries were 50 students aged between 8 to 12 and 5 faculties from Al Tafawoq School, Muscat. The faculty of the department along with the nursing students had organised three main topics like dealing with minor injuries, nose bleeding and choking which are common incidents that occur among children. The awareness was created in the form of fun activities with educative first aid colouring books, demonstration on mannequins, videos, games and take home comic messages.