SQU nursing conference focuses on tech, innovation, collaboration

MUSCAT: The opening ceremony of the Second International Nursing Conference ‘Transforming Nursing Future: Technology, Innovation and Collaboration’ organised by the College of Nursing at Sultan Qaboos University, was held on Monday under the patronage of Dr Hilal Ali al Sabti, Executive President, Oman Medical Specialty Board. In his opening remarks, Dr Omar al Rawajfah, Dean, College of Nursing, Sultan Qaboos University, said the Nursing Conference aims to provide scientific platform for knowledge exchange among nurses, educators, and researchers at all levels. “The conference also aims to open the horizon of collaboration among nursing clinicians, educators, and researchers across the world”, he said.
The Dean added that the College of Nursing at SQU has moved into the international recognition since receiving its international accreditation status before more than 2 years ago. “we are adding a new pillar to our recognition by demonstrating our collaboration at the international level. The college is proud to present a group of well-recognised international speakers in the area of nursing education, accreditation, technology and innovation, and collaboration”.
Dr Omar al Rawajfah said that besides the significant number of registrations by nursing students across the country, the College is proud to present its first group of Master students as presenters at the conference.
“Although our Master programme started with one specialty in Adult Acute Care Nursing, we are looking forward to starting other specialties in the near future”.
Dr Erna Judith Roach, Chair of the Conference Scientific Committee, in her address, said that the conference features 44 oral presentations and 27 for poster presentations under the subthemes of Innovation, Collaboration, Technology, Clinical research and education — based research.
She further said that the conference began with a one-day preconference workshops conducted concurrently on themes namely ‘Quality Nursing Education through Programme Accreditation’, ‘Inter-professional education through simulation’ and ‘Translating theory into clinical practice through evidence based practice’.
Delegates from, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and US are attending the three-day event.
Dr Dalal Bashir, Secretary-General of the Scientific Society of Arabic Nursing Faculties, in her remarks, mentioned that her organisation seeks to encourage research, exchange research outcomes and hold specialised conferences in cooperation with Arab nursing colleges.
“Scientific progress in the field of nursing care and practice requires follow-up of research findings and its recommendations in decision-making and the application of nursing skills”, she added.
The first keynote was delivered by Dr Marion Broome, Dean and Professor at the Duke University School of Nursing, the USA on the topic ‘The future of nursing; technology, education and innovation.’
In her presentation, Dr Broome examined current issues trends and innovation in nursing practice and education. She emphasised new trends in healthcare in general and nursing education in particular.
She focused on nursing students and the innovative teaching approaches that could be implemented to ensure that the next generation of nurses will master more than basic knowledge of patient care.