SQU course brings out potential of floriculture trade, marketing

MUSCAT: In view of the commercial and environmental importance of ornamental plants, ornamental horticulture courses have been designed at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) to increase students’ knowledge about principles and practices in floriculture production systems.
The main purpose of such courses is to make students aware of the trade of floriculture products locally and globally, science of production and art of displaying/arranging plants/flowers. Students are provided with basic to advanced knowledge about flowering and foliage plants, economic and environment impact, and selection of plant materials for outdoor and indoor landscaping (interior-scaping).
Recognising the floriculture products’ environmental, trade and marketing significance, a Floriculture (CROP 3213) course was taught at the Department of Crop Sciences of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences at SQU during Fall 2018.
Students were mentored by Dr Mumtaz Khan and Omar al Manthri in floriculture production and management skills of bedding plants, indoor foliage plants, cut flowers and art of floriculture display. Students got hands-on training in the art of floriculture, particularly in displaying their skills through terrarium, dish garden and totem.
At the conclusion of the course, students displayed their products at an open exhibition for evaluation by judges and for the public at the Crop Science Department lobby.
Distinguished spectators included Dr Abdullah al Saadi, Dean of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Dr Rashid al Yahyai, Dr Ahmed al Maskari, Dr Rhonda Janke, Dr Anvar kacimove, Dr Ali Maktoomi, Dr M Farooq, Dr Villa, Dr Riaz Shah, Dr Malik al Wardy, Dr Slim Zkri and Dr Lyutha al Subhi. The exhibition was well-received by the audience consisting of faculty members, students and staff members. The organisers look forward to demonstrating such rewarding activities in future too.