SQU celebrates Renaissance Day with songs, Oud music

Muscat: Sultan Qaboos University celebrated Oman Renaissance Day on Wednesday. The ceremony which was held at the conference hall of the University was attended by a number of academics and employees from different faculties and units in the university, accompanied by their children. The ceremony included recitation of the national songs and musical performances by the Scout Orchestra and the Oud Amateur Club. Etap al Salatiyya and Khadija al Hataliya recited poems praising the nation and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
Shaikh Sulaiman bin Hamoud al Kindi was the chief guest on the occasion. He shared with the audience the scene of Oman Renaissance Day and the celebration of His Majesty’s arrival in Muscat. He depicted a picture of Muscat at that time and explained how Oman was before His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s accession to power.
The Omani Women’s Association also participated in the celebration of the University by presenting paintings by Shaikha al Kalbaniyeh, Maria Rabakhia, Shaima al Rumaydiyah, Shaima al Harasiya and Shaikha al Barziyah, students from the College of Engineering. The first painting embodied the most enlightening paths in the blessed Renaissance journey, while the second painting was a map of the world, which included the names of the most important travellers, explorers, artists and photographers who dealt with the historical wonders of Oman in different ages. The third painting dealt with the books and references that talked about Omani history and the most important features of the blessed Renaissance.