Spurt in vehicle-related fire accidents

Staff Reporter –
Muscat, March 10 –
Three vehicle-related fire incidents have been reported in the last 12 hours in Barka, Sur and Nizwa.
These incidents are in addition to the increasing number of house fires reported in various parts of the city.
Summer may still be some time away, but the Civil Defence authorities continue to report vehicle fires from various parts of the country.
According to an automobile technician, fuel leakages are often said to be the main cause of such fires. Modifications to vehicles is one of the causes.
“People try to install fancy things, parking cameras and entertainment systems that need some degree of electrical wiring. If it is not done properly, it can lead to short circuits,” said George from a garage in Muscat.
He said vehicles can go up in flames within no time and the reason can be found only through investigations.