Spring forward

By Sayeh Woodman — I do write a lot about self being and fitness and great foods and all that, just because its been a major factor of my life and how it can be life changing for us if we change the ruts that we get in. But this week ill give you a break on ways of feeling great and lets focus on growing and making our gardens great!
Its February already, here’s some gardening jobs, not all of you in Muscat have pathed gardens!   You may have property abroad to look after too.  So here are some spring tips on keeping your garden happy.
I totally get that even though it has been a little cooler in Muscat recently and wet, there’s no chance of frost, but if you have gardens back at home think about getting a frost free shed, burying the roots in compost to protect them and keep them moist when it comes to plants and hedges.
Cut back overgrown hedges towards the end of the month so that they will produce new growth during spring.  Cut the top grown one foot off lower than the ultimate height, so that there is space for the fresh new growth to hide the old.
We all love to grow our own vegetables and fruits
Early cops of peas and broad beans can be sown this month, but you will probably have to offer them protection as they grow by way of cloche, with air- conditioning units inside, you can grow these inside as it will be lots cooler.
Continue to sprout seed potatoes in a cool area in preparation for planting out the flowing month. Some of the early carrot varieties can be sown now in a light, fertile soil in a cold frame, and these should then be ready by June.   Keep these covered over until the seed has germinated.
It’s a great time to plant fruit trees apparently!
Trees and shrubs
These are great any time of year really. Come rain and shine, so plant away.   Check that newly planted trees have not become loose in any windy
spots or overly open to sunlight traps, and move if necessary. Prune and keep pruning is the golden rule for this season.
Continue to clear any dead material from perennial plants and give a dressing of fertiliser.  Your borders need a fertiliser that is high in phosphates — this is Science to me, my landscaper friend fed me the information on this one!  It’s best to scatter the fertiliser on the surface and then dig it into the soil so that it will be worked into the top 2-3 inches of soil.
Lawn mower tip
Check your fuel, make sure it isn’t stale! Most problems occur when the fuel has been left insider the mower for months and hasn’t been used. Modern unleaded petrol has short shelf life and goes stale quickly. Didn’t know that one! I totally get that the weather is different in your part of the world, than to here in the UK, but when it comes to pruning hedges and growing vegetables, taking on board simply instructions and care, its pretty much the same wherever you are.
It was great to catch up with my landscaper friend, this is why I put this article together, and with his help of course to help let your garden grow this season.

— sayehwoodman@outlook.com