Spring cleaning your hair

Don’t limit a spring clean to the home, look after yourself from tip to toe.  A tidy head of hair routine is needed too. Let’s give your hair a boost!
We look after our home, and spruce up our surroundings so its time to do this with our looks too.  Not just doing the same routine that we were used too, usual shampoo and conditioning routine, let’s tackle our locks and make the most of them.
As you know, I like to have a good natter and talk lots when I meet people.  What better way to do this, and what profession can you do this in — without getting told off by the boss for talking too much? I visited my hairdresser this week.
Got to talking with her, and she gave me some tips to help out with those hair disasters, so it’s only right to pass on the tips.   Be rest assured a hair spring clean is simple, compared to the mammoth task of tackling your cupboards.
Here are some little tips on how to get a bouncy barnet.
Get rid of the gunk — product build up can leave hair looking bland and dull — the opposite of what we look for when splashing hard earn cash on lotions and potions.
Apparently products that contain a lot of silicon can build up on the hair shaft, causing it to feel heavy and look dull. The advice is to use a deep cleaning shampoo to get your bounce back.
Snip split ends — definitely one for me. Most hairdressers tend to recommend every five to six weeks a haircut.  If you abuse your hair with chemicals and styling then it may need to be cut more frequently.
When you brush too, brush gently.  Putting your hair up causes split ends too — hence why I get this when I go to the gym lots.  Maybe I need to cut down on the exercise — any excuse. Joke! Snipping the end off strengthens the hair.
Sort out the scalp.  Temperatures can affect the hair so whilst in the UK, we may get cold temperatures, on the flipside the heat that you experience in Oman, can have the same impact.  Creating fizziness, dryness, and coarseness.
Think of you scalp regime as similar to your skincare routine, as they both are exposed to the same environmental situations.
We take care of our skin so hair is just important. Here’s a little recipe to rustle up that my hairdresser Kerry gave me.
To exfoliate your scalp weekly to get rid of flakes, use two tablespoons of brown sugar, two tablespoons of finely ground porridge oats and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage into the scalp before you shampoo.   Tick that box to healthier head.
I use my hair straighteners way too much and though I shouldn’t’ admit to this in the past I’ve been known to use an iron too — I know bad.
Kerry really told me off.  Have a heat-detox!   They damage your hair.  To fall back in love with your natural style, put the straighteners away and lock them up.  Go for the natural look and let hair fall how it should do.

— By Sayeh Woodman
— sayehwoodman@outlook.com