Spreading Omani culture through theatre shows

MUSCAT: Al Din Theatre for Culture and Art, in cooperation with Samayil Club which presented the ‘Lukmat Aish’ show, bagged the Best Performing Theatre Award in Youth Creations Competition 2017, and also the best director award for Mohammed sl Rawahi in Sharm El Sheikh International Theatre Festival for Youth this year.
The show was written by Jamal Saqar, Bahraini writer, and directed by Mohammed al Rawahi.
The show discussed issues such as marriage, salaries, high prices, elections and others which are considered as main issues.
Among the actors who took part include Salim sl Rawahi, Ahmad al Rawahi, Mohammed al Rawahi, Ahmad al Salhi, Khamis al Baram and Walid al Darei.
In addition, the head of delegation Mohammed al Nabhani led along with the participation of Mahmoud Al Makhroomi and Mohammed Al Kulab in cinemography.
The media team was led by Yahya al Sulimani, Walid al Hadrami and Mazin al Maimani, as well as Anmar al Bakri, Mahmoud al Ghafri, Dhiyab al Hinai and Haitham al Mawali in administration.
Says Mohammed al Rawahi: “This show is adapted from (Balaleet) Bahraini’s show which discusses Balaleet issue. As we do not use that concept in Oman, we changed a little bit to make it suitable to all countries. The show starts with the issue of commercial fraud, along with other problems which occur while the hero of the show tries to fix the first one”.
Sharm El Sheikh International Theatre Festival for Youth was held in Sharm El Sheikh, from April 1 to 9.
It is considered as the first competitive, global and international festival for youth in Sinai and aims to present the importance of culture and art in highlighting the tourist and economic aspect and prospects for a new market in the city.
About 45 countries participated in the festival which include Jordan, Spain, Germany, UAE, England, Italy, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Poland, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria, Romania, Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Iraq, Guinea, French, Palestine, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Mauritania, Niger, India, Netherlands, United States and Greece.