Spotlight on Oman’s most mysterious inhabitants

Locals and visitors travelling through Salalah International Airport will soon be engaging with some of the Sultanate’s most mysterious inhabitants at ‘Nature in Focus’, an exhibition of photographs of Omani flora, fauna, microorganisms and marine life.
Running from August 14 to 25, and organized by the Oman Animal & Plant Genetic Resources Center (OAPGRC) in partnership with Oman Airports Management Company the exhibition will feature large format photos offering rarely seen images of Oman’s stunning biodiversity.
Thanks to its varied climatic conditions, size and geography, Oman has been blessed with a treasure trove of vibrant biodiversity which spans the entire animal, plant and marine worlds, both domesticated and wild. “Indeed, the sultanate is home to one of the richest and most productive ecosystems in the world,” explained Dr Nadiya al Saady, OAPGRC’s Executive Director and organizer of the ‘Nature in Focus’ photography exhibition.
The collection of 30 images takes viewers on a visual journey to reveal the extraordinary life of Oman’s rich and diverse natural ecosystem, from exotic birds and elusive starfish to hard-working carpenter ants and 80km an hour gazelles as well as micro-organisms living on shower curtains.
The OAPGRC Executive Director remarked: “Each photo in this collection is outstanding. Some photos are wild nature scenes in action, others are static. In fact, each and every photo tells a vivid and eye-catching story of Oman’s natural world.”
It is hoped the exhibition will help raise awareness and appreciation of wildlife and nature in Oman. According to Dr. Al Saady, photographs can be strong ambassadors for biodiversity. “They speak louder than any number of words in a report. We’re communicating to the general public through the ‘Nature in Focus’ exhibition the true beauty and richness of Oman’s biodiversity as well as the many challenges it faces. Hopefully, the images will spark interest in our outstanding genetic resources and inspire involvement in their preservation and conservation.”
Established by royal order in 2012, with a mission to promote the recognition, sustainable utilization and value of the genetic diversity inherent in Oman’s animals, plants, marine life and microorganisms as a natural heritage resource, OAPGRC was created specifically to advance the sustainable use of animal and plant genetic resources through education, research and innovation. This important work is intended to serve and benefit not only the people of Oman but the wider international community and the generations yet to come as OAPGRC develops as a collaborative regional center for all animal and plant genetic resources activities, promoting the sustainable use of knowledge across economic sectors and social segments and creating value from world-class research and practical innovation.