Spotlight on investment in culture

MUSCAT: The three-day “Investment in Culture” conference began on Tuesday at the National Museum with participation of 38 academics, researchers and specialists from 14 countries. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, and a number of under-secretaries. The conference is organised by the Cultural Club in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Omani Economic Association and Bait Al Zubair Foundation.
Speaking at the event, Dr Aisha bint Hamad al Darmakiyah, Chairperson of the Cultural Club, said that sustainable development is a change process in which exploitation of resources, investment trends, technological progression and institutional change exist in a state of harmony in a way that reinforces the capabilities of the present and the future to meet human needs and aspirations. These aspirations change from time to time, society to another and from generation to another, while the cultural level with all its varied scopes and components constitutes an important basis of sustainable development. The first day of the conference witnessed two working sessions, the first of which was moderated by Dr Said bin Mohammed al Saqri and titled ‘The Economic Dimension of Culture’ and dealt with the importance of culture as a factor for generating wealth and spurring economic development.
The session included two working papers, the first one was presented by Dr Yusuf bin Hamad al Balushi and titled ‘Enhancing the Culture of Investing in Culture,’ while the second one was presented by Mohammed bin Hamad al Nadabi and titled ‘The Impact of Investment in Cultural events in the Capital Building’.
The second working session was moderated by Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Shuhi, Director of Al Zubair Foundation, and titled ‘Financing Culture and Upgrading Cultural Industry’.
It included six working papers dealing with cultural development, national programmes of cultural development, producing cultural products, rooting cultural industry, the marketing of culture, the problems of cultural upgradation and investing in culture on light of Vision 2030. — ONA