Sports Medicine Centre registers 85% cases from football

The Sports Medicine Centre (SMC), which is run by the Ministry of Sports Affairs, registered 85 percent of injuries from football in the previous years.

According to Dr. Salim al Ghilani, the Director of the Sports Medicine Center in Muscat, football ranked as the top sport that produced injuries for the players in the Sultanate as more than 80 players from the national team and clubs received the rehabilitation treatment from the center.

“The center provides a range of medical services for Omanis and Non-Omanis in the national sports teams, clubs, ROP, military teams, and other government entity sports teams. The services can include different types of related sports injuries as well as necessary medical rehabilitation for the athletes. Foot and ankle are the top injuries of the athletes in the Sultanate. We have noticed that the occurrence of these injuries to the players is due to lack of warming up, stretching, and proper training prior to the commencement of the match or game. Our crucial advice to all the athletes is the importance of having these warming up sessions before any tough training. Players who have suffered knee injuries should stop doing any sports training during the injury period until full recovery and they should take the final approval from the doctor before resuming the sports activities again,” he added.

Commenting on the upcoming period of resuming the sporting activities due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Salim affirmed that all the associations and committees should follow the medical protocol which is approved by the International federations with full compliance to the internal regulations of the Ministry of Health.

SMC have many branches and units in different sports complexes in the Sultanate. “The daily average of the injured who are visiting the center is 63 athletes in Muscat unit. More than 80 players from the national football team get treatment from the center. The SMC is supporting all the sporting events that are held in Muscat through providing an assistance medical team for the emergency medical cases,” he concluded.