Sports Media forum discusses development of ‘cultural sports’

MUSCAT, March 31 – Presenting the vision of clear development paths for the Sports Media and seeking the best routes for the sustainable development of cultural sports were one of the main discussions of the Sports Media forum held in Muscat on Sunday.
The one day forum was held under the auspices of Shaikh Saad bin Mohammed al Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs, in presence of dignitaries and top officials at Sheraton Hotel.
Oman sports media committee in coordination with the Oman Journalists Association were present at the event along with several organisations and associations including the Ministry of Sports Affairs, Ministry of Information, Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), Oman Football Association and in strategic and academic coordination with National University of Science and Technology.
The first session which was titled under “Sports Cultural… Sustainable development” included a presentation delivered by Ashraf Mahmood, chairman of Arabian Association for Sports Cultural. He discussed the United Nations’ goals on sustainable development in sports field. He mentioned that the sports can provide an education opportunity for some children who face difficulties to join schools and taking part at the physical sports activities.
Ashraf Mahmood affirmed in another chapter of his presentation that sports can be a solution to terminate the poverty and also to prevent discrimination. Dr Badriya al Hadabi, member of sports education department at Sultan Qaboos University highlighted on her presentation regarding the definition of sports, cultural, importance of sports cultural and types of sports cultural. Also, she shared some examples on the best Omani sports activities to spread cultural sports namely, Women Bowling, Oman tour and some other topics.
The second session of the forum contained some of the best Arabian successful media’s programmes. During second session, the Jordanian Lutfi al Zubi shared his experience as sports correspondent at three different channels namely Arabia TV, Jordan TV and Bein Sports TV. Lutfi briefed the audience on the different programmes on his beginning history in the media and his involvement in different channels. Basim al Rawas from Qatar talked about his programme under title of “ Jaraeid” at Al Kass channel.
Al Rawas presented a brief introduction about the programme and its main chapters. He showed that the programme is developing through publishing the newspapers stories from gulf and international newspapers.
Also, he stated that the programme is giving much more spaces on social media as new part of the programme. Mohammed Qadri Hassan from Jordan shared his experience as TV reporter. The Jordanian presented the main difficulties and challenges of the TV reporter in his career.
The last and third sessions highlighted some of Omani sports’ great programmes.