Speeding blamed for most road accidents in 2015

By Khalid al Adawi — MUSCAT: Jan. 8 – Speeding caused a majority of the road accidents in 2015, while accident cases accounted for 74 per cent of ambulance services, according to statistics released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). Speeding was responsible for 3,411 accidents, in which 383 people were killed and 728 injured. Improper driver action resulted in 1,217 accidents, leaving 74 dead and 842 injured. Driver negligence resulted in 655 accidents, in which 74 were killed and 399 injured. Safe distance violations caused 462 accidents, in which eight people died and 285 were injured. Overtaking from the wrong side caused 228 crashes, in which 97 people were killed and 196 injured.

Vehicle defects were responsible for 155 accidents, resulting in 14 deaths and 95 injuries. Drunk driving and drowsy driving caused 53 and 40 accidents, respectively, resulting in 17 deaths and 60 injuries. Bad road conditions caused 33 accidents in which six people were killed and 20 injured. Bad weather caused 22 crashes in which one person died and 17 were injured. Ambulance services handled 8,259 accident cases, accounting for 74 per cent of its services that year. According to NCSI, 33 per cent of fire incidents resulted from electricity. A total of 3,684 fire incidents occurred in 2015, of which 1,225 (33 per cent) were caused by electricity.

A total of 1,126 incidents (31 per cent) occurred in residential buildings, 769 (21 per cent) in garbage dumps, in dump yards, 743 (20 per cent) in different modes of transportation, 362 (10 per cent) in farms, 250 (7 per cent) on electrical lines and equipment, 210 in commercial establishments, 76 in public departments, 35 at industrial installations and 10 at oil installations.