Spatial strategy on Muscat to be discussed

The Supreme Council for Planning, represented by the Oman National Spatial Strategy Project team, will be holding the last of its regional spatial strategies workshops at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday to debate the strategic spatial alternatives for the Governorate of Muscat.
This workshop is part of the Oman National Spatial Strategy development project, which, once completed, will provide the high-level national policy and framework for guiding spatial development of the Sultanate for the next 20 years. The ONSS is one of the largest long-term national planning endeavours the government has ever taken.
When it is complete, the ONSS, supported by the legal framework, will be the highest spatial policy, providing the spatial framework for the Sultanate’s development for the next two decades and will help guide government investments and decisions for the sustainable development of Oman, while aligning its objectives with those of the Oman Vision 2040. In parallel, and as an integral part of the ONSS development, the Regional Spatial Strategies, for the 11 governorates are also being developed, providing the next level of planning at the governorate level.
It will be attended by 250 participants representing various stakeholders concerned with future spatial development for Muscat Governorate, including representation from government and private sectors, municipal councils, civil society, youth committee and academia.
The participants will be debating three spatial alternatives for the development of Muscat Governorate, based on various themes including Urban Development, Economic Diversification, Environmental Management and Cultural Heritage, Transport and Infrastructure Development.
The outcome of this participatory event, together with the Multi-Criteria Assessment for the three alternatives, will be added to the final recommendation for selecting the most suitable spatial development alternative for Muscat Governorate. The draft National Spatial Strategy together with the Regional Spatial Strategies, including that of Muscat, are expected to be presented to the Cabinet by June next year.
The ONSS will provide the government with the blueprint required for transforming the Sultanate’s spatial development for the next two decades.