Sparkle this Christmas

A lack of energy isn’t how you want to feel just before Christmas, we need you sparkling and in the festive mood. So try these little boosters to keep you shining, in fact keep them going all year round.
One probable reason as to why were knackered? Daily stresses, they can disrupt sleep. But instead of necking loads of caffeine when you’re frazzled, try the emotional freedom technique, known as EFT. In short it’s psychological acupuncture, I have been advised all you need to do, is tap on your acupressure points, under the eyes, while breathing calmly, which can help improve anxiety symptoms.
Many people don’t realise that dehydration doesn’t just cause headaches, hunger pangs, but it can also make you feel tired. If drinking more plain water sounds as appealing as digging weeds out the garden, then add some fruit to it so it flavours the water or if you really have to get some squash, at least you’re having water in the end. Just these small changes will make a difference and make you feel more sparkly.
If you want a sparkle in the eyes, then place those slices of cucumber on them, and have a little rest. It freshens the lids and under eye up, and can help towards lessening the puffiness under the eyes too.
The mineral that you need to know about? Magnesium: it plays a role in helping our bodies turn the food we eat into energy. so it is pretty important for keeping us fuelled. We can get if from green leafy vegetables, nuts, brown rice, wholegrain bread, fish and meat.
Master the art of a 10-minute power nap, a study found it can offer you all the benefits of an energy boost, but avoids the risk of sleep inertia that awful, groggy feeling you may get after a longer slumber. If there’s no quiet room at work, try grabbing a snooze in your car. Yoga as you know I love, is also great for relaxation — it really is an amazing sport that has loads of benefits, not only fit, flexible but helps with anxiety, tiredness, stress emotions, self control, it’s a brilliant sport.
Whose counting — you can walk away your worries, a survey found that people who took 10,000 steps a day were less likely to bring work anxieties home with them compared with those walking a lot less, not only can you burn those extra pounds, but it’s great for you to feel fresher and give brightness to your skin, leaving you glowing.
A good sleep and having a good reason to get up in the morning helps you nod off quicker, say the scientists. So maybe that’s why we get result night’s sleep when we have a Christmas party to look forward to! But on those occasions when you need a helping hand, hot drinks can help you wind down. And leave that mobile device, put them down.
May you sparkle this Christmas! Not long to go!

Sayeh Woodman