Something new not a reality

Muscat: Eid is a joyous occasion where everyone likes to wear and look their best.  But this Eid the shops have been closed but online has not been busy with flight disruptions.  So something new to wear on Eid is not a reality this year.

“It has been not much of an issue,” said one interviewee adding, “I have not been thinking about it because there has been so much of work.”

The rush for mussar and caps will not be seen and children may not be able to visit many family members to collect their Eidiya.

“We are preparing for Eid as usual, no visiting.  Kids are already cleaning their rooms and the house in general, we have also been preparing sweets.  We had ordered halwa on line and it will be delivered.  The preparations Shua and Arsiya are all being set.  But there have been no new clothes we have discussed about it with kids.  The kids said it is an opportunity to experience of the feeling of not having new clothes.  Yes, there is no beauty parlour this year so we have decided to let it be natural,” said Mariyam Khalfan.

“Instead of visiting we are going to settle for duo calls and the children have decided for the Eid greetings it will be a family portrait wishing everyone Eid Mubarak,” Mariyam added.

Meanwhile Zakiya al Hussaini said, “We do not need beauty parlours for Eid celebration but henna is important.  However henna is often applied by someone in the family or friends.”

So even if there are obstacles families are filled with excitement preparing for Eid Al Fitr although visiting friends are not an option.

Eid holidays prior to the pandemic would have seen families taking short trips to various picnic spots in Oman but at present that would be violation of measures taken by the Supreme Committee to stem impact of Covid­_19 in Oman.

The Public prosecution has had 110 cases from end of March 2020 violating various decisions of the Supreme Committee.

According to the Public Prosecution, “Failure to close down tourism sites, stores clubs, health and fitness gyms in addition to barber shops and beauty salons are to remain closed.  Violators shall be subject to an administrative fine of RO 3000.  In case of repeated offence, the fine shall be doubled.”