Sohar University holds annual conference on scientific research

SOHAR: Sohar University, represented by research and industrial cooperation department, held its annual conference on February 8. The conference witnessed wide attendance and the presentation of various specialised papers from within and outside the university.
Professor Hamza Idris, deputy vice-chancellor for academic affairs, delivered the welcome speech, on behalf of the vice-chancellor of the University. This was followed by John Baragwanath, executive director of the AMRC, Sheffield University, United Kingdom, who gave an account on the developmental stages of the research station of the university and the quality of research and industries that have been developed there in accordance with the need of the market and the availability of raw materials. He discussed the steps for joint collaboration with Sohar University to establish an industrial research centre in Sohar which is similar to the one at Sheffield University.
This was followed by two presentations from Prof Ghassan al Kindi, Director of Research & Industry Collaboration at the University.
Prof Ghassan hailed the partnership and cooperation with Sheffield University in the field of industrial research indicating that this partnership and cooperation will focus on industries, materials and resources that are available in the Sultanate to export them as manufactured products instead of low price raw materials.
927536He confirmed that all the opportunities and favourable conditions are available at Sohar University due to its location in the heart of groups of huge industries in the Middle East besides the availability of the resources and raw materials that can be used for industries, especially with the quantities of the manufactured products such as aluminum, plastic and others that are expected to double in the coming years. Professor Ghassan emphasized the university’s human and research possibilities in addition to its infrastructure which includes a variety of well-equipped laboratories and facilities that serve many types of research that benefit more than 7000 students in the University.
In his second presentation, Prof Ghassan gave a brief account of the research grants awarded to the university. He pointed out that the leading role of the university in this regard was hailed by the Ministry of Higher Education that has provided funds to carry out various types of industrial research and projects in collaboration with Sohar and Sheffield universities.
The outcome of these joint efforts and work will appear soon in the light of the recent memorandum of cooperation signed by the three parties.
The conference included several panel discussions and meetings with the participation of many professionals and researchers from various faculties within and outside the university. In addition, there were a number of papers about entrepreneurship, environmental industry, postgraduate students’ research, interaction with the local community and advanced technology. All these papers have a variety of recommendations that enrich academic and scientific research.