Social Insurance to take part in Geneva conference

GENEVA: The General Authority for Social Insurance is participating in the 12th Forum of the Technical Commissions for Retirement of the International Social Security Association, being held in Geneva and will continue for two days. Hamda bint Saeed al Shami, Acting Director-General of the Commission, presented a working paper on “Summary of the work of the Technical Committee for Retirement (noting that it chairs the Technical Committee for Retirement in the Assembly.” The Authority will also participate in the meeting on August 29-30. About 116 of the Executive Office of the Association, is held periodically annually.

The most important reports on the activities of the Assembly and the technical commissions will be reviewed and discussed. Preparations for the 2019 Regional Social Security Forum, and review of the implementation of plans Work for the technical committees of the association according to the timetable and budget approved during the period 2016 to 2019, in addition to discussing the ten global challenges of security Social and Innovation Programme of the Assembly, as well as the procedure for the election of the Secretary General of the Assembly will be reviewed. The replacement of officers and the chairs of the functional commissions. — ONA