Smile, a language we all understand…

Do you know that your smile is actually contagious? If someone smiles at you, then unconsciously you tend to smile back. You are really better-looking when you smile and people will treat you differently. You are seen as attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere with a smile on your face.
Mostly, a smile can be used as a greeting, a way to express a feeling or to encourage someone. A smile is regarded a sign of a positive connotation in different scenarios. It is always great to start a conversation with a smile as an icebreaker with others.
Have you ever thought that a smile is all it takes to make your day a better and a happy one?! Whether it is a smile
that someone gives to you or one you share it with others.
Making or spoiling your day could only happen by a simple smile! In other words, little acts of kindness can bring a shining smile to someone who has otherwise had a terrible day, and it can change everything that follows.
Believe it or not; it is just a smile that can do all of that! Whether it is a simple compliment, a cheerful hello or a gift of something small to help brighten someone’s day, is all what it requires to bring a few more smiles into the world.
Everyone of us needs a smile to start his day positively and bring peace into others’ life. Smiling at others would also be the charm that gets peace and happiness to their day. Thus, a smile is all what we need to do or have in order to make one another’s life happy.
Mother Teresa was right when she said that “Peace begins with a smile”.
Perhaps, some people undervalue the importance of a smile, which they could share with others anytime. Smiling on others’ face is a rewarding charity as the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said. Stressing on ways of creating love and peace among people, he stated: “You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I not tell you about something, which if you do it, you will love one another? Spread salaam among yourselves”.
It seems like people tend to forget the impact of smiling overall; sharing a smile with others or smiling for the sake of having a good mood and being a happy person perhaps!
Who would not want to relieve his stress and pain, boost immune system, lower blood pressure and have better relations? As it has been said, what sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.
Of all the medicines in the inner life, a smile is by far the best medicine. Thus, Nelson Mandela advised people to always remember to smile!
Reflecting on the significance of smiling, a dedicated World Smile Day has been designated on the first day of October every year. The historical roots of the day are traced to Harvey Ball, an American commercial artist from Massachusetts, who designed the smiley face in 1963. The day was first celebrated in 1999. Ball created what would now be known as the smiley face; an emoji that had instant commercial success and quickly became recognisable all around the world.
The ultimate goal of Harvey Ball was to inspire the world to dedicate one day each year to smiling and performing kind acts in the community. It was this concern that inspired him to create World Smile Day.
Ball’s smiley face has become one of the most distinguished symbols of goodwill and good cheer and his hope was for people to portray those
qualities too.
Regardless of destruction, racism and sadness going on in the world, the day is an opportunity to exchange more smiles and greetings between each other in order to make the world a peaceful place for living! Smile is like free therapy! Let your ear-to-ear grins carry on!