SMEs make presence felt at Muscat festival

MUSCAT, JAN 14 – Thousands of people from all walks of life have visited Muscat Festival in the first week of its opening. While families are exploring shopping areas, children have been thronging amusement areas.
The festival, however, was not just about fun and shopping. For hundreds of SMEs, it was about showcasing their products to the visitors and networking.
One of the projects that drew attention at Amerat Park, one of the festival venues, was a gift and antiques project owned by young entrepreneurs, Nasser al Zadjali and Abdulrahman al Zadjali.
They specialise in designing gifts bearing the Sultanate’s emblems.
“The project has been on for nearly two years and is receiving a lot of enquiries. We are able to generate interest from the local visitors as well as tourists from outside the Sultanate,” said Abdulrahman.
This time, the focus has been on small and medium scale industries.
“It’s a great step towards empowerment of local startups. Events like these can bring in revenues for people like us,” said Nasser al Zadjali.
These brothers import gifts from China and other countries according to their clients’ preferences. They have been displaying their products at malls and other public events across the country.
Another SME owner said they have added eight new types of games at the festival, while another owner said he had brought more than 100 pieces of antique pieces from different countries.