Slovenians vote in early election with rightwinger in front

LJUBLJANA: Slovenians voted on Sunday in an early election which was set to see Janez Jansa’s anti-immigration party emerge as victor after four years of centre-left rule. The last poll published by the Dnevnik newspaper had Jansa’s Slovenian Democrats (SDS) on just over 25 per cent, well clear of its nearest rivals the Social Democrats, who were on 12 per cent. Early turnout was slightly up on four years ago at 17.3 per cent from 15.4 per cent just after 0900 GMT and an apathetic showing was expected to bolster Jansa’s chances.
However, with more than 40 per cent of those surveyed saying they either had not decided or would not reveal their preference, all bets were off in the euro zone country of two million. Jansa’s combative personality, strident anti-immigration rhetoric and alliance with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban dominated the closing stages of the campaign. In the final TV debate on Thursday, Jansa effectively traded barbs with comedian-turned-politician Marjan Sarec. Sarec’s “anti-system” LMS party is on 11.9 per cent in Dnevnik’s poll, a weaker showing than earlier in the campaign but one which could yet leave him well placed to play kingmaker if borne out. The SMC party of outgoing Prime Minister Miro Cerar — whose shock resignation in March prompted Sunday’s poll — was on just 9.3 per cent. — AFP