“Slim is in”!

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Would you like to look Smart, be Confident & Fit.
When you learn to discipline yourself, the world is yours! you have an automatic control over any and every situation that crosses your path ………
“Know your Power” from last Friday, and Sacral {Digestion & Reproduction}, which, in my opinion, is the most important Power Centre. Lets work on this, shall we, and watch the magical transformation ….

Don’t panic, I never said ‘thin.’ The word “slim” has a positive connotation, and the suggests attractiveness. “Thin” does not connote attractiveness, and can easily be used in a negative context.
The secret to looking smart is being fit with a shapely body; now how do you do that!? Help is at hand, here we go…
Just for starters.
Food — Relax, I am not going to suggest dieting!
Have you ever tuned-in to your sub-conscious mind [that tiny voice in your head] that dictates guiding messages, let’s start:
Chew every mouthful of food [count 15 minimum chews to start with], till it liquidises in your mouth, before swallowing. The process will ensure that you eat the right amount without counting calories.
The rewards are sweet, if you follow this advise — automatic weight-loss; no indigestion & abdominal bloating; no head-aches, tension & stress, no body aches & pains.
Your body has its own ability to “count calories” and manage portion sizes .
Skip the commercial diet programmes, They may also suggest eliminating certain foods or entire food groups [unless advised by your Medical Practitioner]. There are small changes you can make to your diet, exercise and lifestyle to help you get slim in a more natural way.
Eat mindfully; ensure that your diet includes, vegetables and fruit, lean meats and protein foods, whole grains [oats, quinoa, brown rice, millet etc]. Limit highly processed foods and white sugars.
Drink enough water. Adequate hydration is important for overall health, but can also help you lose weight naturally.
Include regular exercise — Increase baseline activity. Walk, take the stairs, household chores, gradually include light exercises and stretching, swim, dance, and jog.
De-stress & relax regularly — Listen to music, read a good book, talk to a friend, go for a walk, meditate;
Get enough sleep — Getting regular and restful sleep is very important to your health. This is the time where your body rests, recovers and repairs itself. Studies show that those people who do not sleep enough or do not sleep well, typically weigh more than those who do. Turn off all distractions and electronics – discipline yourself!
Know your Body — There is no greater satisfaction than when your skirt or trouser waist-band starts to feel loose, and you have to tighten your belt a notch; hey presto, congratulations, You have arrived! and are now your own disciplined Master.
There is a jaunt in your step, and a smile on your face… this is called Confidence!
There is so much more to know and learn. I am just an email away.

Dr MaryAnn Roberta

Dr Mary Ann Roberta is the director of marketing and development of one of the luxury resorts and spa in the country and her specialty and expertise is on holistic wellness. If you have questions regarding health and wellness, send her an email at observerwellness@gmail.com