Slight fall in fuel prices for June

MUSCAT: The committee in-charge of studying and fixing fuel sale price on Wednesday approved the new prices for June.
The committee has fixed the sale price of M 95 petrol at 191 baisas per litre, while the price for M-91 will be 180 baisas and diesel will be sold at 197 baisa per litre.
The official website of the Ministry of Oil and Gas said that the sale price of fuel for June witnessed a decline by 8 baisa for M-95, 6 baisa in the price of M-91 and 7 baisa for diesel compared with the prices in May. Meanwhile, the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council reviewed the final report for the fiscal year 2016, financial status report for the state as on April 30, the development of oil prices and the actual implementation of the budget for this period.
The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Darwish bin Ismaeel al Balushi, Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs and Deputy Chairman of the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council.