Slaughterhouses ready for Eid rush

Muscat: The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources said that the slaughterhouses in various governorates are all geared up for the Eid al Fitr rush.

“As part of the keenness on safe and quality meat, it has intensified checking at slaughterhouses and follows to ensure that all health requirements are in place”, the ministry said in a statement Officials are also monitoring the meat shops to ensure that quality control measures are in place, it said. According to the ministry, safety inspectors and veterinarians will be present at all slaughterhouses to see that only animals fit for human consumption are slaughtered.

“These steps are being taken as a precautionary measure to prevent passage of diseases, if any, from animals to humans”, said the statement. As part of Ministry’s keenness at facilitating the process of slaughtering in a smooth and easy way, it equipped all slaughterhouses with tools and machines that fasten the work. The tools are made of stainless materials. The tiles in the slaughter halls is replaced by floors made of UCRETE.

The Ministry has given special attention to fight against vector borne diseases. Specialized teams are trained to deal with vector diseases and the use of pesticides to combat and eradicate them. The teams were provided with equipment, spray machines and personal protective equipment to ensure a safe working environment for the workers. The ministry also called upon residents to refrain from slaughtering animals outside designated facilities in order to maintain public health and hygiene standards.

In view of the huge rush expected at the abattoirs, the ministry is take a number of measures to provide the required services. A meeting of specialists in the general directorates of regional municipalities and water resources in all the governorates was held to take appropriate measures to regulate the operation of the slaughterhouses.

“More butchers and cleaning staff will be deployed to expedite the work and to assure afe disposal of animal waste in order to protect the public health. Veterinarians in the ministry will help examine the safety of meat and to ensure the cleanliness of slaughterhouses”, the statement said.

The Ministry has developed a comprehensive development plan for the slaughterhouses, which began in 2018, including the construction of 16 new slaughterhouses in the various willayats under the supervision of the ministry. The construction of a municipal slaughterhouse in Yanqul in Al-Dhahirah governorate has been completed and the construction of other slaughterhouses in Dima wa al Taeen, haima and Nakhal is underway.

The Ministry have completed the maintenance of 27 slaughterhouses, and executed some expansion for some slaughterhouse halls. It also installed glass barriers between waiting halls and the slaughtering areas to enable them customers watch the slaughtering directly.