Silverware Industry in Wilayat Adam

Adam: The Silverware industry is one of the most important craft industries in the Sultanate. It is practiced by the Omani citizen in a number of the governorates of the Sultanate, including Adam.  Omani craftsmen had known this profession for a long time, and some had continued to practice this profession with their children to highlight and preserve it from extinction.

Silverware is one of the authentic Omani professions that still maintain its originality and identity through the continuation of some Omanis in practicing and teaching it to their children, providing support and professional care by government institutions that meet the needs of craftsmen in various governorates of the Sultanate, in the light of the development witnessed by the crafts sector.

Mohammed bin Abdullah al Shaibani, a craftsman from the Wilayat of Adam  said that my working in goldsmithry and silversmithry started before 40 years ago, where I was an assistant to my grandfather in this profession with good financial income.

With support from government institutions for silverware industry, many changes have occurred on this profession. New equipment and technologies contributed to the provision of a lot of time and the production of various forms and variety of silverware.

In addition to the important role played by the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI), which provided material support to us through the renovation of the shop with all modern specifications with beautiful and distinctive touches.  I also aspire to join programs and training courses in this field and participate in exhibitions inside and outside the Sultanate, to gain more knowledge, experience, skill and to learn about others’ experiences in this field.”

Al-Shaibani added to Oman News Agency, ” In some of the silverware, we notice that the old Omani specifications that characterize these traditions have disappeared.  Omani youth, males and females, buy modern gold and silverware, without regard to originality or quality.  We, in this shop, adhere to the industry with old specifications in a modern and sophisticated manner.’

Al-Shaibani explained that most of the raw materials he uses, ready-made shapes of rings, daggers and other women’s accessories are available in markets, such as Nizwa, Sur and Muttrah.  However, the most important challenges remain the competition of the expatriate in this heritage industry.


He adds, ” The work in goldsmithry and silversmithry is continuing and the purchase demand to buy also does not stop throughout the year.  It is active on occasions of marriage and holidays, and we in the Wilayat of Adam, we do this work, we do all the work of gold and silver in terms of manufacturing, maintenance , renovation and cleaning, and we have customers from within the State and beyond.  There are certain categories of society come to us to buy high quality objects with certain specifications focusing on the old traditional style.”


Over the past years, the artisanal sector witnessed a great development among a large group of craftsmen, which was reflected in the achievement of many craftsmanship achievements in the Sultanate which contributed to the advancement of craftsmanship in all its forms.

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