Sidab best kept secret trek


Sidab, which is located a few kilometres from Al Alam Palace in Muscat, attracts dozens of tourists who enjoy climbing, swimming and fishing. Through a mountain pass, tourists can trek through the twisting mountain paths to rocky shores that extend for nearly 3 km. The trek combines the best of Muscat’s stunning coastline, beaches and mountains! It is especially remarkable for how remote it feels while being almost adjacent to the Al Alam Palace.
The trek goes through a couple of rugged mountain passes that are quite steep and on really loose and sharp rocks, so it is not suitable for everyone unless they are quite comfortable being outdoors and scrambling up & down steep slopes.
This route provides its visitors with an opportunity to take photographs when the sun begins to gradually appear in the morning or set in the evening. Those who follow this path will see a number of tombs including the grave of Shaikh Jaber. This cemetery contains graves dating back to the eighteenth century AD. This cemetery contained the remains of a number of Commonwealth soldiers who fought in the First World War.
Among the most prominent of those buried in the cemetery was the missionary doctor Sharon, the father of Dr Thomas, who was buried in the cemetery in 1913. The latter was also buried in the cemetery as well as Dr Morris French, a surgeon at Thomas Hospital, who was buried in 1967.
The trekkers can also stop to take a deep breath and soak in stunning views of old Muscat and beautiful rock formations.