Shura reviews standing panels’ work plans

Muscat: Majlis Ash’shura held its 5th regular meeting of the second annual sitting (2020-2021) under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, on Tuesday.

Dr Mohammed bin Ibrahim al Zedjali, head of the Legislative and Legal Committees said the committee gives priority to studying the draft laws referred by the government.

The committee began reviewing the Advocacy Law following requests from relevant entities such as the Omani Lawyers Association and the Advocates Admission Committee.

The Legislative and Legal Committees presented a proposal to formulate a law on the appointments in leadership positions due to lack of clear-cut competitive standards and evaluation criteria for appointments in senior positions in the public sector. The committee head explained that the project is part of the strategic programme of the fifth development plan, noting that the Council of Oman was given a time frame to formulate the said law.

The council discussed the work plans of its standing committees and approved the work plan of the Education and Scientific Research Committee. Nasser bin Rashid al Abri, committee vice-chairman noted that the committee’s work plan included a number of legislative and monitoring topics most importantly studying the draft school education law and draft higher education law which are expected to be transferred to the council in the coming period.

The council also approved the work plan of the Services and Social Development Committee. Dr Hamood bin Ahmed al Yahiae, head of the committee explained that the committee give priority to the studying of draft laws, legislations, amendments, conventions as well as the other topics referred from the government and entrusted to the committee. He said that the committee will organize a discussion session entitled: ‘the future and frameworks of the Sultanate’s social protection systems’.

Yunus bin Ali al Mantheri, head of the Youth and Human Resources Committee presented the committee’s work plan which includes a proposal for amendments of the existing Labour Law.

Al Mantheri explained that existing Labour Law contains legal loopholes that need to be addressed in order for the law to keep up with the changes that emerged in the labour market. The amendments are required, he said, in order for the law to be able to cope with phenomena such as the dismissal of the national workforce in the private sector.

In addition, Majlis Ash’shura approved the work plan of the Food and Water Security Committee. Abdullah bin Ahmed al Malik, committee head explained that the committee will complement the review of the Pastures and Animal Resources Management Law.

Text by Nawal al Samsamiyah


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