Shura discusses employment

Muscat, Feb 26- Majlis Ash’shura has approved the report prepared by the joint State Council-Majlis Ash’shura committee regarding the points of disagreement on the medical and paramedical professions practice law referred by the Council of Ministers as well as the study on jobs for Omanis prepared by the Youth and Human Resources Committee. Majlis Ash’shura held its sixth ordinary session of the fourth annual sitting of the eighth term under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, Chairman, on Tuesday. In his speech, Al Maawali affirmed that the council is aware of the importance of human resources as well as the issue of unemployment, and achieving the youth’s aspirations to to boost development.

Mohammed bin Salim al Busaidy, Head of the Youth and Human Resources Committee, reviewed the study which analyses recruitment of Omanis and aims to provide statistics of the national and expat workforce in both the public and private sector. Among the most important recommendations of the study is expediting the draft unemployment insurance law which ensures continuity of wage payment for workers who lost jobs. It also recommended providing unemployment benefit for 1 year to job-seekers particularly college graduates who have not joined training.

By Majid al Hattali

— Photo by Huda al Bahriyah