Shuhi concludes South Al Batinah visit

MUSCAT: Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, on Wednesday visited the wilayats of Al Musannah and Barka at the conclusion of a series of field visits to the wilayats of South Al Batinah Governorate during which he was accompanied by two under-secretaries and a number of the ministry officials.
The minister met with Shaikh Hamood bin Salim al Wahshi, Wali of Musannah, and members of the Majlis Ash’shura and the Municipal Council as well shaikhs and dignitaries of the wilayat.
The meeting reviewed several topics related to the municipal and water services rendered by the ministry. He also listened to demands raised by the members which included pavement of internal roads, lighting of roads and development of the industrial area and the fish market.
The minister also met with Shaikh Abdullah bin Mohammed al Braiki, Wali of Barka, members of Majlis Ash’shura and Municipal Council as well as the shaikhs and dignitaries of the wilayat. The minister explained the efforts being made by the ministry and the plans and projects the ministry is seeking to implement to serve the public interest.
The minister listened to demands of the attendees which included improving the municipal and water services across the wilayat. He directed the officials to make more efforts in order to improve the quality of services provided to the public.