Shotokan Karate Centre concludes its fourth National karate championship

Muscat: Shotokan Karate fourth national karate championship concluded recently at Al Amal Sport club hall in Ghala, Muscat Governorate.
The championship was organised by Shotokan Karate Centre on April 27-28, 2018. Around 311 male and female players representing 21 Omani clubs and private centres in addition to the champions club from the UAE took part in the championship which was conducted in two days, witnessed the competitions held on Friday, April 27 for all female age groups and male age groups of 12 years to above 30 years old.
The second day of the championship witnessed contests between male players (5-11) years old. In addition to the various age groups there were competitions for male teams of Kata and Kumite. Ali Talib Karate Centre performed collective Kata Show which was enjoyed by the audience. At the end of the championship, many referees, the members of the organising committees, the representatives of clubs, academies, private centres which participated in the championship, the sponsoring companies: Child Dentist Centre and Al Khan Food Stuff co were honoured by Colonel Said bin Saleh al Azri, chairman of the Omani karate Committee, where he handed medals, shields and cups to the winners.
This event was attended by the Secretary General Ali bin Hamed al Mawali, Shaikh Salim bin Hamed bin Salim al Mahrooqi, member of the Omani Karate committee Sensei Hamood bin Salim al Tooqi.
The three top competitions were won by Ali Talib al Raisi Centre which won the first place with 19 gold medals, 10 silver medals, 10 bronze medals. The second place was won by Shotokan Karate Centre with 12 gold medals, 13 silver medals, 22 bronze medals and finally the third place won by Champions Karate Academy eight gold medals, 10 silver medals, six bronze medals.
The championship witnessed strong competitions between the participants and as a result high standards of performance appeared among the male and female competitors throughout the championship.
These high standards were clear in Kata and kumite for both individual and collective performances. The chairman of SKC, Sensei Navas Mokeri handed a shield to the chairman of the Omani Karate Committee and second shield to the secretary general of the Omani Karate Committee and third Shield was handed to Shaikh Salim bin Hamed al Mahrooqi.
The organising committee of Shotokan Karate Centre thanked the Omani karate Committee represented by its chairman, the secretary general and the other members of the committee for the great efforts they make to spread and improve karate in the Sultanate.
The committee also pours its thanks for the services they provide to make this sport event more successful.
Shotokan Karate Centre also thanks the chairman of Al Amal Deaf and Dumb Sport club Hani al Hooti and the members of the club for hosting this championship for the third consecutive time.
The members of the organising committee also thanked Al Ghali Abdul Rahim Ibrahim, a teacher in Sultan Faisal bin Turki Post Basic School for his contributions in such championships.
It is worth mentioning that the Shotokan Karate Centre which consists of the members, Sensei Navas Mokeri, Sensei Yousuf al Siyabi, Sensei Hilal al Abdali, Sensei Munthir Bilal, Sensei Ahmed al Siyabi and Sensei Mohammed al Wahaibi who all contribute effectively to develop this sport through various fruitful efforts to facilitate all procedures for the players of the centre.
Finally, the organising committee recommends all members of the centre to collaborate with other clubs all over the country to make this sport successful under the supervision of the Omani Karate Committee.