Restrictions on shops to continue in parts of Muscat

Despite the decision to allow commercial activities in the country, there will be some restrictions in Muscat city, which is still under lockdown.

Muscat Municipality issued a clarification, which said the activities allowed to reopen will not include shops located in the commercial centres (malls), Muttrah, and the industrial area of Wadi Kabir.

Barber and tailoring shops will remain closed while laundries can operate only if they have contracts with government and commercial agencies. Also, only automatic washing and steam-ironing only will be allowed.

Marble, granite, and ceramic shops are allowed to reopen provided they follow rules of social distancing.

Women’s garments, including those selling abayas, beauty kits, perfumes, and watches have been allowed to open and use online services and home deliveries.

Stores of telecom providers have been allowed to open with social distancing guidelines.

Muttrah has been under isolation since April 1, while there has been an increasing number of cases in Hamriya and Wadi Kabir.

Municipality also urged commercial establishments to follow guidelines specified by the Ministry of Health, which include, always wash hands frequently with water and alcohol-based sanitisers, refrain from sharing personal protective equipment (such as helmets, gloves and face masks, a minimum number of direct contacts as possible and avoid physical greetings such as handshaking and hugging, introduce an appointment or token system for clients and reduce the time periods for their presence in the organisation, provide appropriate personal protection means and equipment for each employee, sanitise all devices and equipment including phones.

It urged the shop owners to direct the employees to the nearest health institution if they exhibited any symptoms.

It called for intensifying the cleaning process at the workplace and the workers’ residences using the recommended cleaning fluids.

It advises wearing the muzzle (or masks) tightly to reduce the space between the face and the muzzle (masks) and avoid touching them.