Shops, establishments urged to keep registry of customers

Shops and other commercial establishments must adhere to the safety guidelines and precautionary measures against COVID-19, the Supreme Council has urged.
In many shops, there is nobody assigned to take the temperature of customers nor are their names recorded in the registry that is mandated by the SC. Though shops insist on masks and provide sanitisers, many shops are even allowing children below 12 into the premises.
“Keeping a person exclusively for checking the temperature of the customers is an expensive affair,” said a shop owner who had made 3 of his staff redundant in the wake of the Coronavirus impact.
“We had to ask 3 of our staff members recently to leave owing to lack of business and even now, business has not come back to covering operational costs. Had it not been the case, we would be able to keep a staff just for temperature checking.”
The Supreme Committee has urged all companies, shops and other commercial entities that safety of staff, employees and other workers is the responsibility of the management.
“Limiting the number of customers to two, checking the temperature of those who enter the shop, registering their names as well as the entry and exit times, and social distancing are a few basic factors that need to be followed at the workplace,” a senior official at Muscat Municipality said.
The shops can act as a breeding ground for the virus as many people come in everyday gather in lobbies and wander through the aisles.