Shooting contest at Traditional Heritage Festival begins

Maqshan: The shooting competition at the Traditional Heritage Festival began on Thursday under the auspices of Shaikh Ahmed bin Jadad, Wali of Maqshan, Chairman of the organising committee of the festival, in the presence of Ahmed bin Salem al Hajri, Director General of General Directorate of Heritage and Culture in the Governorate of Dhofar.. The event, which runs until tomorrow, is being held in the Wilayat of Maqshan.

It preserves the traditional heritage and shooters had participated in international competitions.
The festival also included a lecture entitled ‘Digital Citizenship’ organised by the Directorate General of Heritage and Culture in the Governorate of Dhofar.
The lecture was presented by Mona bint Mohammed Ja’boub, in which she addressed the digital citizenship project which aimed at enhancing the youth’s patriotism and dedication, as well as strengthening cooperation.
She pointed out that the goal of the project is to enable users to know technology, and culture. — ONA