Ship for World Youth Oman Committee’s logo approved

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Sports Affairs approved the logo of the Ship for World Youth Oman Committee which was promulgated by a ministerial decision in July 2019.
The committee is tasked with qualifying Omani youths for the participation in the ship’s programme organised by the Empire of Japan as well as preparing programmes and activities to be implemented during the voyage with the aim of familiarising with the Sultanate and strengthening friendship relations with the world youths.
The logo of the Ship for World Youth Oman Committee was designed in two major components indicating Oman’s maritime heritage (symbolised by a ship’s wheel with a dagger handle inside) and name of the committee in English and Arabic.
The Omani committee is a founding member of the world association of Ship for World Youth based in Japan. The Sultanate’s participation began in 1990. The Ship for World Youth Oman Committee is a full-fledged internationally recognised member of the association.
The Ship for World Youth (SWY) is a unique leadership programme run and sponsored by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, and brings together 110 Japanese youth and 110 young leaders from 10 other countries around the world.
SWY32 is scheduled to take place from the January 10 to February 24, 2020.
SWY is an exceptional international youth exchange programme for the young leaders of the world fully sponsored by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government that aims to provide participants aged 18-35 with the opportunity to enhance their leadership and communication skills necessary to excel in an increasingly globalised world. One of the goals is to give the participating youth a chance to get to know diverse cultures, deepen the abilities for mutual understanding and broaden their perspectives.