Shinas vapours not hazardous

SHINAS: The Public Authority for Mining (PAM) affirmed that the vapours from non-operational mines in the Wilayat of Shinas are not hazardous.
PAM maintains coordination with a team comprising representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, the company that was operating the mines, under the supervision of the Public Authority for Defence and Ambulance and member of Majlis Ash’shura for Shinas.
On Tuesday, experts from the Earth Science Research Centre at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) have come up with scientific explanation for the smoke emissions from the closed copper mine in Shinas.
Recently there were rumours in social networks about hot gas emissions from a closed copper mine in Shinas.
Prof Sobhy Nasr, Director of the Earth Science Research Center at SQU, said the smoke in the area is from burning of sulphides in the closed mine due to humidity of the atmosphere, oxygen uptake and other natural conditions. — ONA