She walked 30km per day for 33 days to promote an important cause

BY Al Anood Al Wahaibi –

There are people on the planet who strive to find a deeper meaning for their lives and therefore dedicate a portion of it for a cause sacrificing not only their time but effort too, leaving behind their comfort zone to achieve something intangible within them. Some people walk to bring awareness to a health cause, or social cause, that they care deeply about.
Suhaila Al Kindi is a wife and a mother, that is also a motivator and an inspiration to many out there. On the occasion of the Omani Women’s Day and the 50th Omani National Day, Al Kindi participated in a challenge of a different kind. In collaboration with Be’ah Company, the challenge (walking from Muscat to Salalah) carrying out an important environmental message and awareness throughout the journey.
Intending to complete 30km per day, the challenge took Al Kindi 33 Days arriving at her destination in Dhofar during the 50th Omani National Day. She not only carried the environmental awareness message of “preserving our beautiful Oman” but also carried it during the time of Omani Women’s Day as an honour and celebration for her.
After an interview conducted with Suhaila Al Kindi, she says that one of her hobbies is hiking for long distances and paths, through which she discovers the picturesque nature of Oman and its beautiful terrains.
“During my journeys, I noticed that unfortunately these beautiful areas are polluted with waste and leftovers for a long time, and these wastes harm the environment and distort the view”, Al Kindi says. From here, she got the idea to begin the initiative of the walk to spread environmental awareness and deliver her message by spreading them in many areas around Oman during her path.
Although the trip was exhausting and tiring to Al Kindi, yet she managed to learn many things throughout including patience and perseverance. The journey deepened her love of the challenge and further allowed her to notice that any Omani woman can achieve her goals as long as she finds the will to do it.
Al Kindi adds that the challenges she faced during the path were minor challenges which include the sun’s heat in the day and the fluctuation of the weather in the areas she passed by, in addition to the rough roads in some places.
However, these minor challenges did not stop her from completing the path. With the support of her family and her husband, she managed to fulfil and achieve her goal.
“I advise everyone to protect the environment and to stop bad practices in the random dumping of waste. I also advise everyone to pursue their dreams and goals, no matter how difficult it seems, nothing is impossible as long as you find the will, persistence, and motivation,” Al Kindi adds.