Sharp and duty-bound

Women in Oman enjoy an equal status with men and she has the right to choose her studies, career like her counterparts.
It’s no wonder Omani women hold key positions across sectors, thanks to the constant attention by the government. In order to ensure her services in the maintenance of law and order, and in expediting various government services, a number of women are working with the Royal Oman Police and the armed forces.
Women are performing stellar roles in ROP’s criminal investigation, forensic laboratory, traffic, medical services, and training, in addition to work in special mission units, personal protection, police music band, police aviation, among others.
“We Omani women won the status and empowerment that we deserved with the Royal Oman Police formations,” says Major Sakina al Jouhuriyah.
“Since the dawn of the blessed Renaissance, Omani women have received a lot of care and attention, and in recognition of the importance of the role of women in the work of maintaining security and order and providing various police services, the Royal Oman Police was and still is one of the pioneering institutions in involving women in policing work,” says captain Thuraya bint Ahmed al Kalbaniyah.
Major Sukainah bint Ali al Jumhuria, Assistant Officer at the Al Wattayah Police Station, feels that the Omani women have gained her due position since the blessed Renaissance in 1970, thanks to the visionary leader, the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos who recognised the importance of her role in the society and in the long March of the blessed Renaissance. Women would be able to perform better under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.
“Omani women in the Royal Oman Police formations have obtained the status and empowerment that they deserved, and proved their efficiency and competence in all the areas,” said Major Sukainah.
“Omani women gained attention that enabled her to contribute to building the country in various fields,” says Captain Azraa bint Sultan al Shakailiyah, Head of the Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department at the Rustaq Police Station in South Al Batinah.
“Women in Oman have opportunities for education and training in various fields and specialisations. It is the fruitful tree that tirelessly gives for the continued renaissance of this dear country,” Captain Sharifa bint Hamad al Ameriyah, a training officer at the Traffic Safety Institute at the General Traffic Department.
According to these officials, the Royal Oman Police has realised the importance of involving women in all aspects of policing to serve its goals. Today, women play all the roles that her male counterparts are tasked with. She is in the forefront to protect lives and property, safeguarding peace and tranquility, and contributes to push development forward.