Sharing great moments with family in Ramadhan

Usually, people are sociable by nature as most of them very much like to get together celebrating different occasions and enjoying good times.
Throughout the year, people live various moments and days some of which are very special either to us or loved ones whom we live with or close to. Perhaps, joining family, friends, colleagues or neighbours to commemorate a particular occasion or just for the sake of enjoying ourselves being together are just to name a few reasons to celebrate social gatherings.
Many of those special days and moments have big impact on our minds and memories.
Though, we experience a different impression when moments sometimes happen during seasonal or spiritual period of time in the year.
The month of Ramadhan, for instance, is on top of these good seasons for celebration.
It is basically about people getting together more than other times of the year.
For that reason, Ramadhan is becoming a month during which people usually learn patience, giving and feeling for the needy in the society.
Most significantly, it’s a month about appreciating, reviving and strengthening relations among people.
The spirit of Ramadhan essentially brings the strong feelings of importance of sharing togetherness and being close to family in particular.
As a matter of fact, Ramadhan is very important for Muslims all over the world.
This holy month is mostly about sharing spiritual moments of Ramadhan with others.
Family, friends, colleagues and neighbours are mostly the ones we share moments of joy and spirituality with, but sometimes even with other members or Muslims in the society.
The importance of sharing moments in Ramadhan is marked through different images of gatherings some of which are during iftar (breaking fast), Taraweeh prayers (special ritual in Ramadhan) and evening meetings where most people are spending their evening together by exchanging visits.
Case in a point, men prefer to break their fast together in masjids with other Muslims regardless their nationalities, languages or origins.
What brings them all together is being all brothers of Islam and practicing their worship and religious rituals together as Muslim brothers.
This image reflects the commendable unity and harmony of Muslims, just in one religious ritual, which is always observed wherever they converge and meet for prayers and worship the Almighty Allah.
Another thrilling image of people’s interest to frequently get together during Ramadhan is the habit of daily commuting to work especially for those in the capital.
Some people, like those who work out of their home towns, commute everyday back and forth to home just to have the pleasure of breaking their fast with their families and loved ones.
They intend not to miss the lovely moments of sharing iftar with family, not even for a single day.
For those homesick people, especially during Ramadhan, it is a unique feeling indeed as they set around their children and loved ones at home enjoying the spirit of Ramadhan together during the iftar, dinner or suhur (late meal before the dawn) too.
Being at home during such times is one of the much-liked experiences that people strive hard not to be missed during Ramadhan.
Friends and colleagues at work also portray another image of sharing spiritual moments of Ramadhan together.
Every now and then, they come together to break their fast, have dinner or spend their evening together either at home or outside.
For them, Ramadhan is a significant occasion to meet and strengthen their ties.
Ramadhan is always a great time for togetherness and experiencing the tradition of sharing moments.
All the enjoyable moments we share with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or those less privileged will definitely etch in our minds and last forever.
They will be stored in our box of memories and will be recalled in the years to come.
Just remember that life is not what we gain, but what we give for others; the moments you share with others are what really matters.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami