Shared Thoughts – Want to start a business? Begin with new ideas

Nizar al Musalmy – – Every now and then Junior keeps coming to me that he wants to start up a business. And when I tell him to go ahead, he immediately responds that “I have no capital to start my project”. He uses this as an excuse for not starting his own projects. He thinks that the crucial element of becoming an entrepreneur is having capital. He fails to understand that when he says that he doesn’t have capital to start a business, it actually means that he doesn’t have new ideas.
If you closely look at the word ‘capital’ you will realize that it appears in concepts such as “Capital City’” — which refers to the headquarters of a country’s political and economic activity.
“Capital Punishment” — which involves death by chopping off the head. So you see, capital is very much associated with the head.
The true meaning of capital is what you have in your head – your brains, your ideas, and your inspiration! It’s those inspirational ideas that are converted into money what junior and many other young men and women call ‘capital’.
As long as you have no new idea, then be sure you will always find yourself working for someone else, or being unemployed. If you want to enter into a business, you have to have unique ideas. Never hope to succeed by starting a business just because others started it and are succeeding.
One needs to learn some techniques that will help you to spark creativity, force you to think differently and thus generate new ideas. Innovation isn’t simply a marketing catch-phrase. It’s a way of life for many business owners and an absolutely vital aspect of survival and success. If you can’t come up with a new great idea of your own, it is worthwhile not indulging because it is the new idea that will bring success.
The most important necessity of starting a business is new ideas. Your unique idea will attract money and people towards you. Ideas bring money, but money may not necessarily bring ideas. Be guided accordingly!