Sharakah conducts workshop for Khazzan Programme beneficiaries

Sharakah conducted a workshop yesterday for the beneficiaries of the Khazzan Project for SME Development. The workshop covered the importance of social media and Taiseer Business Platform. A number of business owners attended the workshop.
Abdullah al Jufaili — General Manager, Sharakah, welcomed the participants and stated that the project is one of BP Oman’s Social Investment Programmes. The objective, he said, is to develop and scale up the capabilities of the business owners.
The workshop included a presentation about “How to use social media effectively”, delivered by Said al Busaidi, a Social Media expert. The workshop included insights about social media and its importance in promoting SMEs products and services. Al Busaidi also talked about the importance of having a social media strategy, building a social media brand and identifying the right social media channel for the target market.
Waleed al Musalhi, Consultant at Taiseer Platform, spoke about the platform and SME opportunities linked to Expo 2020. He encouraged SME owners to register on the Taiseer Platform in order to tap opportunities related to the supply of goods and services for the Expo 2020 event.
At the conclusion of the workshop, Zuwaina al Badaai — SME Development Manager at Sharakah said: “Khazaan Project for SME Development has achieved great success in the last three years and we highly value the trust of BP Oman invested in us to manage and supervise this programme.
To date we have supported 62 SMEs from various governorates in Oman. We are aiming to further enhance and shape up the skills of the entrepreneurs along with strengthening their capabilities through such workshops.”