Shahrukh Khan inaugurates Kalyan Jewellers in Muscat

MUSCAT: The much awaited launch of Kalyan Jewellers in Oman witnessed an unprecedented crowd with Shahrukh Khan inaugurating the new showrooms. Crowds were waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite film stars at the showrooms in Muscat. Kalyan brand ambassadors and popular Indian film actors Nagarjuna, PrabhuGanesan, Sivaraj Kumar and Manju Warrier regaled the huge gathering of fans at the showrooms. However the appearance of Shahrukh Khan created frenzy and crowds jostled to get a glimpse of King Khan. This is the first time that Oman saw film stars launching multiple showrooms on a single day for any brand. The stars were accompanied by Kalyan Jewellers Chairman and Managing Director T S Kalyanaraman and Executive Directors Rajesh Kalyanaraman and Ramesh Kalyanaraman.
The stars strutted onto the stage erected outside the main showroom entrance receiving a huge applause. Addressing the crowd, Shahrukh Khan said, “I feel very fortunate that Kalyan Jewellers invited me for the inauguration of their showrooms and I am very happy to be here is Muscat to meet you all. However I am also a little sad that Amitji is unwell and therefore was not able to come here so on his behalf I am here and I will convey all your love to him.’’
The stars were received with loud cheers and a thundering applause from an excited audience. The stars greeted the crowd and thanked them for the support. After a brief appearance, the stars were taken inside the showrooms for a preview of the jewellery collection.