Shabab Oman II wins award

Iskifen: The Royal Navy of Oman vessel Shabab Oman II has won the International Friendship Award at the Freedom Festival for Tall Ships in the Netherlands. Shabab Oman II also won the Best Vessel prize at the Port of Iskifen in The Hague, Kingdom of the Netherlands. Shabab Oman II was feted at the award ceremony which held in the The Hague. The event was organised on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Since setting sail from the Said bin Sultan Naval Base on April 15, Shabab Oman II sailed 6,300 nautical miles upon reaching Port of Iskifen in the Netherlands and is still continuing her 4th international voyage entitled Masts of Peace and Glory in the European continent. The Freedom Festival for Tall Ships is being held on June 20 to 23 with the participation of 19 sailing vessel representing France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, the US and Oman as well as naval vessels from Brazil, Mexico and the Netherlands.