SFAAI unveils plan to boost integrity

Muscat: The State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution (SFAAI) has raised the pitch for more integrity and righteousness among individuals and institutions. Dr Hamyar bin Nasser al Mahrooqi, Director of Awareness and Integrity Promotion Department at SFAAI, stated that SFAAI media and awareness plan is based on religions values, His Majesty’s wise vision and Omani norms, as well as the requirements stipulated in the United Nations Convention against Corruption and other legal frameworks.
The plan will be implemented through conventional and new media platforms. There will also be seminars and lectures that demonstrate the cooperation of SFAAI with other government entities to publish focused media content, as well as SFAAI media coverage for national and international events, such as the Sultanate’s participation, represented by SFAAI, to celebrate with the international community in the International Anti-Corruption Day.
He said the awareness plan is part of SFAAI’s keenness to promote partnership in the protection of public funds and integrity with the entities subject to audit, other national institutions and society as a whole. SFAAI aims to instil a culture of self-censorship and clearly define SFAAI primary role, programmes and activities relevant to protecting public wealth, promoting integrity and other relevant matters.
Awareness plays a significant role to elevate level of knowledge that in return contributes to building guiding behaviours based on honourable values. He added that growth and prosperity require effective partnership between all stakeholders along with the individuals. Awareness contributes to fostering those aspects, which will eventually lead to efficiently achieve the desired objectives.
Dr Al Mahrooqi highlighted that SFAAI seminars cover 5 main subjects. The seminars open with an introductory briefing about the work mechanism at SAI whereby SAI executes its mandate and carries out assigned duties, mainly financial and administrative audit on state funds and those under the state supervision and management in addition to all the financial transactions.
SFAAI is also responsible for following up the performance of the entities subject to audit as per the regulatory laws and bylaws, at the forefront of which is the State Audit Law issued by Royal Decree No 111/2011, the Law of Protection of Public Fund and Avoidance of Conflict of Interest issued by Royal Decree 112/2011, in addition to the responsibility that is assigned to SFAAI to follow up the implementation of the UNCAC as the authority to combat corruption in the Sultanate.
The second subject that is highlighted in the seminars is related to SFAAI’s efforts as an entity responsible for combating corruption and following the execution of the UNCAC. The third topic touches upon the components relevant to partnering with the society, such as SFAAI website, SFAAI official accounts in social media, SFAAI App, direct reporting to SFAAI headquarter in Muscat or SFAAI branches in addition to the toll free hotline available to receive complaints.
The seminars also highlight the mechanism adopted by SFAAI in dealing with the reported complaints and how they are examined and analysed. The fourth focus is the introduction of the two models of the financial disclosure of the government official as a proactive tool granted by the law as a way to protect public funds. In the conclusion of the seminars, the audience are provided with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenters with their views.
Dr Al Mahrooqi said SFAAI started conducting such activities since 2012, and over 225 seminars have been conducted till date across the governorates. — ONA