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Buthayna Abdulhalim Said
A butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects I have ever seen. However, what makes it fascinating is the pair of uniquely decorated wings that settle elegantly at its back. If we take a close look at its lifecycle is we realise that it had no wings in the early stages of body development.
It starts off as a worm-like creature after it comes out from its egg. Then it gradually grows into a caterpillar and lastly grows its wings. However, for it to grow wings does not mean that it can fly right away. That is when it teaches itself how to fly. No matter how many times it fails, it does not give up. Instead, it learns from its mistakes, tries once again until it becomes successful.
The lifecycle of a butterfly reminds me of the significance of seeking knowledge. The catalyst of growing mentally is to have knowledge. Through acquiring knowledge, we learn how to spread
our wings and eventually become successful.
Knowledge has evolved since eternity. It was the first thing that a human being was given by His creator. Knowledge is vast just like the water in the oceans. Whatever a normal human being has acquired of knowledge is a very little percentage of the entire knowledge. However, the difference comes with people having different levels of knowledge in this world. The most knowledgeable person is the wise one of all.
Knowledge has been passed down throughout the generations. However, the perception of it differs from how the current generation looks at it. In the past, people used to have a deep interest and passion towards gaining knowledge. This deep passion drove them to seek for knowledge no matter how hard it was. The known scholars were few and scattered all over the world. Hence, they had to migrate from their native lands in a journey of seeking knowledge.
Around the 14 to 17 centuries, the golden era emerged. During this period, many famous scholars emerged. Knowledge at that time was at its peak and many discoveries were made such as the revolution the earth and the cure of small pox. These were the times of great scholars such as Ibn sina and Leonardo Davinci. That was the ultimate period where knowledge was highly valued. Most people burned themselves with passion of acquiring knowledge.
Unfortunately, as time goes by, knowledge has lost its value. It has become a tool to pass time with. The passion that existed in the souls of people is almost perishing. This especially goes to the youth who go to school just because their parents wants them to do so. What students search for is no longer knowledge but forced high grades which will decorate their certificates and deceive the world that they are successful.
The youth of these days are highly distracted with worldly life. There are a number one procrastinators and have given knowledge their backs. Their teachers are rarely respected and they barely listen to the lessons given. Teachers who are lenient are termed to be good teachers while strict teachers are termed to be bad. Ironically, at the end of the year, they want to miraculously get good results. Don’t they know that success does not come on a silver platter?

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