Seeing Oman from a zip-line perspective

By Swati Basu Das — With the Sultanate fast gearing up to offer zip-line experiences in a few months, catching up with zips, harness and the ropes has become the latest craze for adventure and travel bugs in the country. A feature uniquely added to the Oman’s travel activities, these zip-lines are sure to catch hold of not only adventurous souls but all who wants to make it as one of their lifetime experience. A craze for adventure lovers much awaited here, sliding along the aerial lines with the gushing rapids and the dense foliage of forests and jungles down below, people in Oman will soon experience the rush of adventure running across the picturesque expanse of the Al Hajar Mountains with Oman’s deep blue sea in the background.
Zip-lines is in itself a global phenomenon. The heart pounding thrill it brought upon a courageous challenger will also allow them to gain a different insight about the topography of a particular area. People from different parts of the world has already enjoyed the canopies and foliage of the Jamaican rain forests, the exceptional landscapes of Costa Rica or even Florida through zip-lines. With zips harnessed, the riders speed away downhill from ab elevated heights feeling the rush as slopes move down. The excitement is even more enhanced as one sees the bird’s eye view of the natural topography below.
zipline2About 250 KM from Muscat, famous for its cave, Al Hoota will soon see the joy that zip-line experience brings. “A 365-metre-long zipline along the premises outside the Hoota Cave is sure to draw crowd, not only for caving, but this time, for zip-lining as well. A must-do in the activity list, it will be one of the unique adrenaline attraction that provides a great view of the rugged beauty of Al Hajar mountain ranges,” shared Eng Khalid Mirza, Director of Projects Development at Omran.
Adding on to a new level of adventure to the people visiting the cave, the zip-line is sure to pull in more local crowds as well as visitors from across the borders.
“We are always on the look out to boost the tourism sector in Oman by adding new and off the beaten track ideas and themes but with great respect in retaining the natural perspective of the land and maintaining its pristine terrain,” Eng Mirza added.
A destination well-known for high adrenaline activities such as kite surfing, scuba diving, abseiling, caving and round the year water sports activities as well, Oman has made its mark as one of the most sought after destination in the Middle East. Oman’s natural beauty and bounty have attracted millions of global tourists round the year. Oman has also managed to placed its name in one of the top ten must-visit places.
Eyeing to elevate the tourism platform and simultaneously creating a wide record in hospitality sector, resorts like Millennium Resort in Mussanah will also soon launch a dual zip-line that is over 175 metres long in two months’ time targeting customers of all segments and giving the young crowd a reason to revisit.
The dual zipline is sure to set up newer trends in the land where nature plays a picturesque role in entertaining both tourist and residents.
“Never built before, a dual zipline over 175-metre-long is an adrenaline pump. A once in a life time experience, this dual zip-line will take the hospitality sector to a much advanced and prospective level,” shared says Christoph Schleissing, General Manager of Millennium Resort Mussanah.
He added, “It will boost all kind of customer segment and give young crowd a reason to visit. It will be a boost in the resort hospitality sector,” he added.
Mohammed Al Farsi, a Muscat resident, said “Flying atop such breathtaking topography is like a dose of adrenaline even in thoughts. It will provide a completely different perspective of the ground down below, adding much more fun to an outing.”