See goals, not challenges: Sailing icon

Muscat, March 27 – Omani sailing sensation Mohsin al Busaidi celebrated the 10th anniversary of his historic, non-stop voyage around the world in a sailing craft — a feat that helped reignite interest in the Sultanate’s glorious maritime heritage.
Mohsin became the first Arab to circumnavigate the globe in 2009 — a triumph that has led to a successful industry centring around sailing as a professional sport while also underscoring Oman’s immense appeal as a destination for maritime tourism. The undertaking was supported by Oman Sail as an opportunity to showcase Oman’s rich maritime legacy.
A native of Al Khoudh in Muscat Governorate, Mohsin — who was then 33 — began his history-making odyssey on January 8, 2009, on board ‘Musandam’, an offshore racing multihull. Assisted by a four-member international crew, the Omani sailor covered a total distance of 24,000 nautical miles across mighty oceans and perilous seas.
A massive crowd of jubilant fans and well-wishers thronged the waterfront to welcome the sailing icon on his arrival in Muscat. Also on hand were top officials of the Ministry of Tourism, Oman Sail, and other institutions that has backed the endeavour — eager to partake of a proud moment in the nation’s modern history.
During the 76-day voyage, Mohsin and his crew mates endured stormy conditions, freezing weather and generally treacherous seas characteristic of sailing conditions that seafarers typically encounter when navigating, among other locations, the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn. Living conditions on board the tiny craft were anything but comfortable during the gruelling journey. On board showers were a luxury that was available to them only when it rained, while their daily diet was a staple of frozen and tinned food.
Despite the extreme challenges encountered out at sea, Mohsin described the voyage as the “most amazing experience” of his life. “There has never been a more happier moment, and the accompanying sense of accomplishment, that I experienced when I completed the journey. It was the biggest triumph for me,” Mohsin told the Observer.
The celebrated sailor is urging young Omanis to learn from his example in overcoming their apprehensions and disappointments when setting out to achieve their goals and ambitions.
He recalled his own fears and concerns when he set out on his epic voyage. “My big fear was about surprises at sea that could jeopardise the voyage. For instance, about a week to ten days into the sailing, I think we hit a whale. it’s these unforeseen and unexpected events that we were worried out.
“To achieve any goal, there will be challenges that will come our way. We need to focus on the goal and not on the challenges. The more you are far-sighted, the easier it is to overcome any challenges,”