Secrets of calmness


We all go through difficult times which result in troubling thoughts. Some wonder why they happen to have day-to-day challenges. Some happen to have family issues, difficulties in their relationships or problems at work and etc. If any of these is creating insecurity in your mind that relentlessly spin around in a world of doubt and confusion; then you are living in an unrest situation. This will result in you having troubling thoughts that will stop you from having the feelings of calmness and peace that we desperately crave for. In other words you have failed to uncover the secrets of calmness.
Allow me to offer some help. I will take you on a journey to that land that is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the South and Hajar mountains from the North and this should help you develop the best principles and techniques to guide you through the more difficult times in your life.
The first step is to substantially deflate the tires of the must 4WD car down to 18psi. This should make the tires became very soft and a large footprint of rubber will be in contact with the sand. You see — without this your vehicle will not move in the sand. This is your first lesson as you begin to discover the secrets of calmness and inner peace – learning to adapt.
To help you on your journey of discovery and enlightenment, let’s just drive on this road of increasingly bumpy, unkempt roads that eventually give way to sand. The moment you see the roads have disappeared and there’s nothing but enormous sand dunes in all directions; then know you’ve arrived in the world of sands.
At night, this area is one of the best places on earth to watch the stars as it’s completely free of light pollution. This is where you begin to understand the secrets of calmness. The place is a good example when it comes to creating the calmness and serenity you are after in life. You should take advantage and embark on these journeys because it will change your life for the better!
Calmness and inner peace is important to you. The way you perceive yourself is the way the world will perceive you. You need the sense of the self-worth of your real being – the real you. Appreciating and understanding nature will help you know how to nurture kindness, understanding and love within you.
To understand the traps of anti-calmness domination, I’ll give you some insights. Don’t be manipulative. Do not feel that you are important or want to be in charge of others. That might appear powerful, but it is not. When you follow celebrities, you can clearly see how often their inner peace turns into their fall because to maintain ever-increasing demands of calmness is hard. The true source of success, health and happiness comes from the inner peace that generates calmness. Your ability to stay calm is the way to go and so never settle for less. Once you see this, it will literally transform the way you look at life, people and most importantly you.
The perception of yourself is the key to increase your calmness. The more connection you can find with your higher Self, the more calmness you will establish. Once you know that you are a mere mortal and happen to just appear in this temporary world, you will find your way to deep appreciation of everything that you are and the deep compassion towards all your shortcomings.
Somebody may say something or some unforeseen events may happen to you. Although this may make you have some thoughts of negative nature and they may try to enter your mind, don’t let them in. I know this may be hard to do, as it requires a high degree of awareness, but at the start even when they enter into your mind, let them go past you without any attachment or involvement and don’t claim them as your own. Refer to them as the thoughts that have nothing to do with you. View them as just data passing through your mind and don’t get any desire to entertain them. Be strong and train yourself. Brain is made for thinking, yet you are more than just a brain, you are a master of your whole personality including your brain.
This is why if you visit calm and quiet places, you will gain knowledge about the secrets of calmness. You will be able to develop a close and strong connection. Calmness and inner peace is connected to the almighty Allah (swt). Lift up your mood and surrender to the Almighty Allah (swt). Whenever you seem to lose power over anything, understand that no calamity can ever befall the earth and neither your own self unless it has been laid down in Allah’s decree before He brings it into being.
Calmness is something that is natural and given to you as a gift. Treasure, nurture and appreciate it. Be kind and forgiving not only to others, but also to yourself. Through love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness calmness presents itself with such a grace, elegance and ease every single time.