Searching for Oman’s soul on a tandem bike

905542By Kabeer Yousuf — Peddling through the rugged mountainous terrain of the Sultanate for hours, regardless of the time of day, has become part of the lifestyle for Germans Daniel and Claudia who can be spotted riding on their tandem bike at various nooks and corners of the country since Friday.
The duo will be visiting various forts, iconic places, Oman’s landmarks, beaches and wadis during their 3 week-long stay in the country while sparing no opportunity to try their hand out in the traditional Omani foods. When they complete their well-articulated rides by February 11, both expect to have crossed over 1,600 kilometres across the breadth and width of the Sultanate.
It’s for the sheer passion for Arabic culture, and Oman’s tradition and culture that took the young Business Administration officer and his partner, a biochemist, to this land after they were impressed with the descriptions of Oman on social media.
“We were really awestruck by the images of beautiful beaches, mountains, and above all, the wonderful people and their hospitality. And it’s just two days since we arrived here in Oman and we are really happy about the welcome that we received here”, an excited Daniel and Claudia told the Observer.
Both rode to Nizwa on Sunday and after seeing the Nizwa Fort and the various landmarks in the wilayats, they will be heading to Al Hamra, Yanqul, Dank, Rustaq, Nakhal and till the UAE border in the next few days.
Coinciding with this year’s Muscat Festival, Daniel and Claudia are excited to also witness the various colourful attractions of this year’s celebration.
“We’d like to see the fireworks at both Amerat Park and Naseem Garden and the authentic Omani foods being cooked and served there. And why not, we’ll do some shopping as well at cover these grounds as we were told by our local friend that there are beautiful collections of authentic Arabic 905541dresses”, they said.
Daniel had been to Tajkistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and the other countries in the Middle East region along with Jordan earlier and was smitten by the traditional Arabic culture and his vast readings led him to Oman to explore more about the country with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and curiosity of a learner.
“What makes Oman different is, no doubt the hospitality but more than that, one can see both modernity and ancient times standing shoulder to shoulder everywhere and we love that perfect combination”, Daniel added.
“The image that Oman communicates is that it is the most peaceful country in the region adding to the nation’s attractions. More and more visitors will arrive in Oman in the coming days for sure”, they concluded before heading to the marvels of Nizwa.